Welcome - I am professional enterprise Java programmer and software architect, with many other interests too - however only Java and photography is on this new site, so far.

Any recruiters on LinkedIn sending invites, who do not include a note, will be ignored.

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One for developers integrating legacy data sources such as fixed width or delimited files into web services. Uses Java 8 features, the Spark Java micro web framework, XSLT and RESTful web services with dusty old fixed width file formats.

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This is a gallery of my photography up to a decade ago.

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Java 2 certification

This is a very, very old page, mainly relevant today as an example of my technical writing. Released under the Free Documentation Licence, so others can change, correct, expand and update it. The Java 2 features are largely still relevant to Java 8 or 9. I received many appreciative emails about it, at the time of writing, but I have no plans for a new version.

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